Cocoa Butter Welcome to T. R. Soaps. We are a small Christian family owned and run soap company that was started because of an over abundance of goats milk. We started to make it just for our family but it grew into a business. We put our love, sweat and tears into our soap. We choose the best natural ingredients and essential oils.

Our soap contains goat milk freshly squeezed from our herd of La Mancha goats daily. We feed our goats our own formula of grains, seeds, and hay to get the best tasting milk for our family. We care about each one of our goats. We monitor their health and milk quality so we can make the best soap possible.

Goat Milk Please feel free to brows our site. Our Soap page includes all our current and future products. The Benefits page includes a list of our ingredients and why we use them. If you are interested in purchasing our soap or becoming a vender please visit the Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for visiting us.